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  • chopped carrot and bell pepper

Hot Pot 757

About us

Hot Pot 757 is glorious hands-on all-you-can-eat dining experience that merges traditional Hot Pot and Korean BBQ flavors.

Hot Pot is a popular dish introduced thousand of years ago by the Mongolian Empire that has three components: broth, dipping ingredients and sauces. It is an interactive meal in which diners sit around a simmering pot of flavorful broth traditionally served inside a large metal pot. The broth is brought to a boil and left simmering for the duration of the meal. Raw ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, are placed into the simmering broth and thus "cooked". The cooked pieces are dipped into dipping sauces for additional flavor. Typical hot pot ingredients include thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, sliced potatoes, bean products, egg dumplings, tofu, seafood and starch. Raw ingredients are pre-sliced into thin sections that will cook quickly and consistently in the simmering broth, which is maintained at a gentle boiling temperature. Most raw foods can be cooked in a hot pot, although they may have different cooking times, and must be immersed in the soup and then removed accordingly to enjoy.

Korean Barbecue is the Korean style of grilling thin slices of meat like beef, pork, chicken and veggie over a charcoal or gas grill. The grill is often in-built into the dining table with a grill mesh or portable tabletop stove with a grilling pan. The meat dishes are served raw, and the customers have to grill it themselves before they can feast! The meat of Korean BBQ may or may not be marinated. There are numerous ways to enjoy a Korean barbecue. You can eat the cooked meat straight off the grill, or you can have it as small bite-sized parcels where the meat is dipped in sauce like Ssamjang, Gochujang (red chili pepper paste), Doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and wrapped in lettuce or perilla leaves and enjoy with side dishes Banchan, alcoholic drinks like Beer, Soju, or Wine. This is also great because it's all about getting your friends and family around the table to cook and eat together and everyone gets to be part of the fun.

Remember that Hot Pot 757 isn't just a boisterous dinner, it's a social occasion celebratory spot that brings you fusion of Hot Pot and Korean BBQ into one. Venture out of your comfort zone and try a vegetable, a cut of meat, or even a dipping sauce that looks unfamiliar. Bring your friends, and let the beer flow, broth bubble, grill sizzle, no matter the time of year.